Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Trendy Drive to Ban Plastic Grocery Bags




I am glad to have found Washington Policy Center, an independent, non-profit, non-partisan think tank that supports market-based solutions, that does not blindly worships simple minded eco-fads.
Todd Myers wrote the above, and has testified in DC more than ten times. 

Many green consultants are promoting eco-fads. With their flimsy resume, they are there for their consulting fees. I can name names in Southern California and its related tie now in NYC.

Some green folks are militant, yes militant (!), especially the younger ones. These who are brought up by parents who told them "they are SPECIAL."
Well. They are one of 8 billion people on earth, to be real.

The green people are self-righteous, so are the liberals. They are not shy of silencing the opposing sides and forcing their ideology down the throats of ordinary folks. It happens in politic, in media, AND in -- UNIVERSITIES! SHOCKING!

We need to call them out for their phoniness.
Share these books:
1. The Silencing: how the left is killing free speech by Kirsten Powers
2. The Intimidation Game: how the left is silencing free speech by Kimberley Strassel
3. Muzzled by Juan Williams, former NPR contributor. A black man who dare to work with Fox.


Terry C said...

Some responses I got:

From Supervisor Cortese, Santa Clara County 1/15/13:

On behalf of Supervisor Cortese, thank you for your perspective on the ban of plastic bags. This information will be distributed to the supervisor and his staff.


From Supervisor Candace Andersen, Contra Costa County 1/13/13:

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.


From Supervisor Candace Andersen, Contra Costa County 1/12/13:

Thank you for your email. No decision on banning bags or charging fees has been made. I am seeking significant input from both merchants and individual citizens as we look at this issue in the future.

Best regards,

Response from Supervisor Mike Wasserman, Santa Clara County 1/12/13:

Short response is this: the County of Santa Clara passed a Single Use Bag ban about a year ago. It included both paper and plastic bags and a fee provision. Several cities with-in the county have done the same thing.

The ban was approved on a 4-1 vote.
I was the one who opposed it.


From Supervisor Susan Adams, Marin County 1/13/13:

The majority of the people of Marin have embraced our program, we have seen benefits in the year since implementation. I personally don't mind using reusable bags for my non-grocery shopping needs at other retailers. I do not share the same view you have on the matter. I am not sure why you are continuing to send me emails since you do not live in Marin and since I represent the people of Marin, not San Francisco. Please bring your concerns to your policy makers.

Ouch! :(

Terry C said...

From Councilmember Jeffrey Cristina, City of Campbell on 1/17/13:

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am not able to vote on this issue. I see the effects on different economies from having different bans in place and I like that more people come to my City to shop because we have not placed a ban at this time. I can tell you that much of the world still get along without the use of plastic bags, people actually keep them in their car. I know I have been using them for about 10 years now. I am ready whenever it happens. I have some for clothing and some for food. The environmental benefits are great and a small amount of change in a persons life is a fine pay off. I personally fully support the ban but as I said I will not be able to vote on the matter as I have a conflict of interest. I wish you good luck with this fight, yet I am am pretty sure it is one that bags will not win.

Jeff Cristina
Campbell City Council

Terry C said...

Response from Councilmember Marina Fraser from Half Moon Bay on 1/17/13:

Thank you for your interest and sending along to Half Moon Bay more information on the bag ban as it pertains to San Francisco. Our town is a little different as we do not have the big box stores that you listed. We have the grocery stores, convenient and drugs stores that you mentioned in favor implementing the ban. As with many people on the coastside we have voluntarily adopted good enviromentally safe practices. One of our grocery stores has incentives for encouraging reusable bags, by giving a token for every bag saved to the patron, who in turn places that token to a select group of local non profits, which at the end of the year receives a cash donation.

Every City and Community must to what's right for them and what's right for our planet. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience in San Francisco.

Terry C said...

Response from Mayor Jill Hunter from Saratoga on 2/1/13:

Thanks for your input about plastic bags Terry. The City Council will discuss all options if and when we decide to ban plastic bags.

Jill Hunter, Mayor of Saratoga

Terry C said...

Response from Lia Bristol from the Office of Supervisor Karen Mitchoff of Contra Costa County on 1/25/13:

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email. The information you have provided is helpful. At this point, a plastic bag ban is still under consideration in Contra Costa County, as more specifics are researched and developed. A final plan has not yet come before the Board of Supervisors. As this issue moves however, we will take your comments into consideration.

Thank you again,

Terry C said...

Response from Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci from Union City on 1/17/13:


This a law enacted on a county wide level and not at the city level. Thank you for raising your issues.


Terry C said...

Response from Councilmember Sue Chan from Fremont on 2//1/13:

As of Jan 1, 2013 Alameda County (including Fremont) the ban on plastic bag ban went into effect. I am 100% supportive of the ban.

As a fellow Asian, I used bags as you have described - but we have to adapt and move forward.

Change is hard but this is one measure that will benefit the public and the environment for generations to come.

I am sincerely pleased that the ban is here not only in Alameda County, but also San Francisco and Santa Clara County.


Terry C said...

Response from Supervisor Ed Noonan from Palo Alto County in Iowa on 1/12/13:

Go get em. When you get tired of all the bullshit move to Iowa.

Ed Noonan Palo Alto Co supervisor.