Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tuesday Evening 10/8/13, San Jose Will Do Final Vote On Modification of Bag Ban

On this coming Tuesday evening 10/8/13, San Jose will do final vote on amending plastic bag ban that take effect 1/1/14 that bag fee will remain at 10c instead of rising to 25c. The 10c bag fee will be imposed on all reusable/thick plastic bags, which are currently free.

Email San Jose City Council that you oppose 10c bag fee be imposed on ALL reusable bags. Also, you oppose bag fee be imposed on ALL retailers especially on small merchants and retailers who sell discretionary items such as clothing and accessories. It burden smaller merchants for the 10c per bag is not sufficient to cover their cost for the paper bags. And they are facing shop lifting problem. The fee on retailers selling discretionary items turns off shoppers who expect it as part of customer service. 70% of our economy comes from good old fashion consumer spending. We do not want to turn off shoppers which hurts our economy. 

Also, PLEASE CONSIDER joining several folks from StopTheBagBan on Tuesday night at the city council meeting to speak for 2-3 minutes. Please email Don at if you are available to speak.

Please read my blog on 8/13: To Read and To Watch for articles and movies on this "evil" plastic bag issue.
The more facts you can provide, coupled with personal experience on what you saw and did will make you a more persuasive speaker.

Council members Khamis and Constant are against the bag ban (and will likely vote against this on Tuesday night). The other council members support the bag ban.

SJ City Council’s emails:
Or for you convenience, they are listed here:
For the bag ban (or likely for the modifications):
Mayor Chuck Reed:
District 2: Mr. Ash Kalra:
District 3: Mr. Sam Liccardo:
Disctict 4: Mr. Kansen Chu:
District 5: Mr. Xavier Campos
District 6: Mr. Pierluigi Oliverio:
District 7: Ms. Madison Nguyen:
District 8: Ms. Rose Herrera:
District 9: Mr. Donald Rocha:

Against the bag ban:
District 1: Mr. Pete Constant:
District 10: Mr. Johnny Khamis:

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