Monday, September 9, 2013

Lawyer Stephen Joseph -- from Sueing Oreo Cookies to Defending Plastic Bags

Paper or Plastic? A Lawyer's Answer Sends Him From Hero to Pariah  

By VAUHINI VARA, Wall Street Journal, 3/28/11

The above is a very fair and unbiased write-up.
This is what we need from journalism, from our public radio and TV, to point out the actual biases or potential biases from both sides, and let the readers decide.

Attorney Joseph went from sueing Oreo cookies over trans-fat to now defending plastic bags. He is the author for Save the Plastic which has many writings on environment, litter, landfill and reports from other countries such as Britian and Scotland, and rebuttals on myths, misrepresentation and deceptive photos. Mark his web site and come back for some serious scientific reading. There are quite some video footage documenting the actual researches.
He has sued many cities in California over the plastic bags ban and for lack of environmental reviews on the bans.

I love his 6 minute movie here: Are You Being Told the Truth About Plastic Bags?
It is the counter part of the movie Pacific Garbage Patch.
Watch it on YouTube:

or directly on this site:

You might find it both educational and -- amusing. :)

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