Sunday, September 8, 2013

Foes of Issaquah plastic-bag ban submit signatures to repeal it

Foes of Issaquah plastic-bag ban submit signatures to repeal it.
The Seattle Times.

The article above states that on 8/30/13 Issaquah, WA, Craig Keller of Save-Our-Choice has submitted  3400+ signatures on repealing plastic bags ban to the city clerk. The signatures have to be verified next.

I just talked with Craig Keller (9/18/13) that the validation came short of 370 signatures. He needs to turn those in in 10 days. Time is getting tight. If you know of any body who are registered voters or who resides in Issaquah, please spread the words and ask them to go to or email Craig at now.

I was encouraged by taking the effort to drive a petition and succeeded in getting actually 3600+ signatures! Let's do the final push and get it on the ballots and let the voters vote!
If after the vote, we shall lose even by .01%, we will accept the result!
That is how law is supposed to be made!

Since everything costs money, let's make a donation to Save-Our-Choice to help the fight. We will fight city-by-city, county-by-county, state-by-state to take our lives back. Let us cross the city or state line and help each other so that we emerge strong:
The address is P O Box 321, Issaquah, WA 98027

Do we have global warming? Yes? How is replacing plastic bags with paper bags help? Paper bags create more green house effect!

Are we now going to reward the same green advisors who advocate these bags bans to help us "solve" our global warming problem? That will be quite good business for them -- never ending problems to solve.


In 3/2013 Texas Representative Drew Springer filed HB2416 "Shopping Bag Freedom Act"
to ban this kind of bans. We need to enact law like this in every single state to stop this craziness. 

Email Rep. to urge him to push it through!

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