Thursday, August 22, 2013

Resources On Fighting Back - Organizations In This Fight

These are the organizations that are fighting the plastic bag bans:

Save the Plastic Bag, by Stephen Joseph, the legal counsel of the plastic industry:
Many very well written articles here supported with scientific researches and video clips which refute many popular myths & misrepresentation. 

His 6 minutes movie; the counter part to the movie Pacific Garbage Patch:

bag the bans!

Many well written blogs here from a variety of sources / individuals who provide insightful perspective in plastic!
On this link you can sign the petitions to 10 cities at different states.
Let us all get together and fight back!
We must fight to take back our cities, our counties, and our lives!
It has a huge collections of studies; scientific studies and videos.

Fight the Plastic Bag Ban (based in Ventura, So Cal):
Click on the follow button near the bottom of the page.  That way you can be notified by email anytime something is posted.  They have written many papers which took hundreds of hours of research.  Their articles are written around different perspectives of the bag ban issues.  

Save Our Choice (based in Seattle, WA):
Craig Keller on 8/30/13 turned in 3400+ signatures to Issaquah, WA to repeal the bag ban.
By the end of Sept'13, he has successfully drove 4 repeal petition in Seattle, Shoreline, and 2 times in Issaquah. 

Stop The Bag Ban (based in Campbell) tells us what we can do:
Surprisingly I have done everything that is listed. We are on the same page.
In Sept'13 They are collecting signature to repeal the bans in Campbell and Los Gatos. 
Click on Home Page to download and sign the petition. Spread the words. Get all registered voters to sign.
You can help with time and money, too.

Save Our Bags (based in San Jose):

No Durango Bag Tax (based in Durango, CO)
Kristen and her friends have successful repealed the ban early Nov'13. What a power website it is! It maximizes the power of social media and fund raising.

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Terry C said...

Response from Supervisor Spellman from Calaveras County on 8/23/13:

Hello Terry,

Thank you for sharing your opinion and for vacationing in our county.

To be frank we only have about 5 grocery stores in the county, none of which are large chain grocers and we don't even have one "big box" store such as Walmart or Target.

The small grocers we do have, at least in the northern part of the county, give a $.05 per bag credit to customers who use or reuse their own bags as a way to reduce consumption of bags voluntarily.

Another insight is that even the most "environmental" member of our board tells me on personal level it would be a waste of "political capital" to pursue such a ban, that there are bigger issues to tackle.

So I don't imagine our county (board) jumping on the "ban the bag" train anytime soon.

I think you can add us to the list of "no action" expected on your feedback report.

Again thanks for sharing your concerns and we hope to see you here in beautiful Calaveras County when you are ready for some adventure and/or relaxation away from all the urban/suburban grind.

Darren Spellman
Calaveras County Supervisor