Friday, August 23, 2013

NYC is considering plastic bags ban and fee
This week, 8/20/13, NYC is considering plastic bags ban and bag fee, sponsored by Brooklyn Council Member Brad Lander and Lower Manhattan Council Member Margaret Chin. They need 26 votes to pass the bill, and is aiming to pass before year end. It now has 9 Council Members on board.

Help me write to NYC Council Members to not follow California's silliness.

New York City Council:

According to this article:
NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn is the person who decides which bill comes to the floor to be debated. Write to her also:

Plastic bags ban and bag fee are bad for:

businesses -- bagging customers' purchases is the least customer services retailers should provide, especially when it comes to discretionary shopping which is for pleasure. If it is no fun anymore, why should we shop? All stores can close. We can all go home!

environment -- paper bags come from trees. From logging, debarking, chopping and dicing wood, add water to make pulp, squeeze water out and flatten to make paper, the whole process creates more greenhouse effect. Global warming is our greatest environment threat. So why is paper better? Save a tree! Use a plastic bag!

residents -- many of us use plastic bags for trash and for pet waste. And we use paper bags for recycle. Without these thin plastic bags, we will have to buy much thicker and bigger trash bags. Why are the later better? And why should we pay for paper bags so that we can recycle?

NYC should have better sense of sensibilities.

I like this counter point:
NYC has Heftier Concerns Than Plastic Bags

New Yorkers, show the world you can think with your brains and see with your eyes!
Don't just blindly follow Californians -- the loud ones have gone cuckoo for being too loud and too sure of themselves.

Read my 8/13 blog: To Read & To Watch and you will know why the ban is bad for the environment.

If you want to follow the progress of the activist group pushing the ban, this is the link:

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