Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To Read and to Watch

Movie Time: Watch them on YouTube:

Are You Being Told the Truth About Plastic Bags?
It is the counter point of Pacific Garbage Patch. It calls out the good-people-in-green-capes who perpetuate myths and misinformation.

From  Tree To Paper. How Paper Is Made:

How Is It Made Plastic Bag:

How Plastic Bags Get Recycled:

Todd Myers' presentation of Eco-Fads at Seattle Rotary Club on 3/7/12:


Now, some readings. You should read through the first 4.

By Hoover Institute; Generate ideas for a free society, Stanford University - Pros & Cons ton Plastic Bag Bans:
AB158 / SB405 Spotlight on CA Statewide Plastic Bag Bans

By KQED - Are Plastic Bag Bans Actually Helping the Environment?

By University Oregon, Chemistry professor David Tyler answers the age-old Question, “paper or plastic?”

The Heartland Institute, IL has posted this 2011 study by UK Environment Agency:
Title: Plastic Bag Fears Based on Misquoted Study

Article comparing paper bags vs. plastic bags with numbers:

Article by Reasons.com; Free Minds and Free Markets -
Plastic Bags are GOOD for you

By Library of Economic Liberty -
Slaying the Myths of Plastic Bags

Article on Wall Street Journal: Should Cities Ban Plastic Bags? Presenting pros and cons from both sides:

Todd Myers, Director for Environment, Washington Policy Center, WA - White paper on Eco-Fads: How The Trendy Environmentalism is Harming the Environment

And Todd Myers' 2011 Book: Eco-Fads: How the Rise of Trendy Environmentalism is Harming the Environment

Bagtheban.com is a coalition of plastic bag companies. It has many great articles and researches -- if you are into more hard data / facts. Well, the bag-bans supporters will simply brush it off. But, may I ask, "Is it only the prosecutors who are allowed to speak? Can the defendants presents their case?"

The web site; SavethePlasticBag.com no longer exist. It was by Stephen Joseph; the legal counsel of plastic industry, which make him an easy target.
It used to contain many very well written articles, supported by hard facts / actual researches and results, coupled by videos documenting the effort. They scientifically refute many of the myths & misrepresentations about plastic bags. Plastic bags are NOT hard plastic, just remember.

The medias feed us info they want us to see. It is NOT the whole story. You can read these books to understand what is going on:
- The Silencing: how the left is killing free speech by Kirsten Powers.
- The Intimidation Game: how the left is silencing free speech by Kimberley Strassel.
- Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth by Sharyl Attkisson.


Sibella Giorello said...

Great information. Thank you for putting it all here in one place. Keep up the fight!

Terry C said...


On 1/17/17, NY State Senate voted 42 to 18 to preempt bag ban be imposed on major metropolitan. It is heading to the Assembly.

Tell your NY folks and their representative to SUPPORT S362, to PREVENT bag ban and fee.


NY State Assembly intorduced similar bill A1750, tell your folks about that, too.

Terry C said...
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Terry C said...

NY State passed a ban to BAN plastic bag ban. Thank godness that NY State has better common sense! More states should follow suit. If your cities are adopting bans left-and-right, please urge the state to follow suit. Forward these articles and videos.

The bag bans hurt retails and consumers. It is a total feel-good eco-fads which benefit ONLY the eco-consultants.

Terry C said...

Mississippi State has also PASSED a low to BAN local from adopting plastic bag bans. SC State is in the process.

I hope ALL states will follow suite.

If you need consultant, try Todd Myers, Director of Environment with Washington Policy Center, in Washington State. He would love to testify.