Sunday, July 7, 2013

SB405 - Statewide Plastic Bags Ban was defeated on 5/30/13

As you may know, SB405 Senate Bill on statewide plastic bags ban was voted on 5/30/13. It was defeated with 18-to-17 votes, 3 votes short to pass. Whew! We were that close to a statewide ban!

For those of you who have picked up the phone, emailed and wrote to your Senators, a big Thank You! Your voices count! We could not afford to sit quiet and let the green people who thought they knew it all to screw up our lives, our businesses and our communities.

What we need to do now is to continue to write to cities, counties, states governments especially if they have not adopted the bans. They must not follow the silliness of this eco-fad.  These governments are under tremendous pressure from green people who bowed to and maybe even benefit from these eco-fads -- selling their green expertise and collecting green consultation fees from private and public sectors, and those who work with non-profits who want to justify their pay checks. We must stand firm, talk back and push back.

And the least you can do -- do not donate to environmental non-profits.  In removing fuel, there is nothing more effective than cut their funding. Without fund, they will not be able to hire or retain staff; especially young adults who happily, blindly follow whatever false "solutions" that the bosses and their peers hum loudly. The so-eager-to-help-and-say-the-same; the typical the king's new shirt phenomena has fed the self-interest green consultants who know how to do businesses with the State and local governments very well.

Real scientists vow to the unbiased principle. Real scientists do not advocate. Real scientists will not get involved in activism. Those who advocate -- are not real scientists. 

I was at Petaluma Premium Outlet this July 4 weekend. What a relief to not be harassed by this "Do you want a bag?" It is 10c a bag." My husband and I bought a Nautica watch for less than $100. We walked into Coach. It was storewide 50% off the lowest price. You can buy a pretty bag for less than $80,  compared to the normal $400 or more. And they were fashionable. Banana Republic has storewide 50% off sales, too. I bought a nice polo shirt for my inlaw for $8. And we got bags! bags! bags!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Petaluma! I love you!

We were in Sonoma a week or two before, and walked into this nice household / kitchen items store and bought a few items. We got a bag! No fees! No fees! No fees!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sonoma! I love you, too!

The green people can continue look hard into their oceans to see their imaginary plastic bags -- Oh! My God! They are swimming like blue jelly fishes in our big clean seas! and work hard to prosecute them. They are aero-dynamic. Oh! My god! They are flying all around our big blue skies! They are dotting our tree branches like bright blue and orange lanterns! And cut down more trees to make more paper bags. And why does Santa Cruz charges only 25c per bag? Why not $25? or $250? That will really put Santa Cruz on the map and does its businesses in real well. And Santa Cruzians and its city council can sing loudly that they are the greenest and proudest citizens on earth!

My dear fellows and I -- we will go north to North Bay, inland to Gold Countries, and to other states such as Nevada and Florida that are business-friendly and have better sense of sensibilities, and better things to do. We live! We enjoy lives! And we enjoy spending our money, shopping and vacationing the way we like! Amen!