Monday, December 7, 2020

Georgians -- Tweets to Your State Senators and Representatives



Today (12/7/20) President Trump issued an urgent Call-to-Action urging ALL Georgians to Call their State Senator & Representative to sign the Petition calling for a Special Session (to appoint Electoral College, I think.)

Please find your State Senators and Representatives from the link below, and tweet to them the short messages below. We need to create a Ground Swell that they can no longer ignore Our Voices. You can attach related photos from the very bottom. Thanks!


GA hearing: at 8pm, after All workers were told to go home, 4 people stayed behind. They pulled out suit cases full of ballots and scanned for 2 hours on 3 scanners,  totaled 18,000 votes. (Biden "won" by 12,000 votes.)


MI hearing: sec.of.state employee said "71% votes CANNOT be recounted. Only #FullForensicAudit & #OpenTheBox (see ballots&envelops inside) will do. the "boxes" r kept by AccountingBoard. EpochTimes posted GA ballots4recounts came from S.o.S WAREHOUSE in mailing boxes by UPS driver 

Xx Min 0 -6 r related to GA. Part 1: 4 workers scanned suitcase full of ballots after all were gone. Min 4: UPS driver picked up boxes of ballots 4 recount fm Sec.of.State warehouse.


2016 Mail-in ballots were <200,000. Rejection rate was 6.4%.2020 mail-in ballots were 1.3 millions. Rejection was 0.2%. Close to 0. Should be 3-4%, i.e 40,000 tossed out.Dems poll workers did Counting. NOT Verifying. GOP watchers weren't let in.(Biden "won" by 12,000 votes.) 


GA Hearing:20yr poll mgr got 2 box4 recount. No tape w/ signature. Each batch have 100. 1 batch has 110 w/ 2 for Trump,1 for Jorgensen, 107 for Biden.6 batches=600 ballots,98% of Absentees ballots're 4 Biden. They look the SAME;pristine,no fold+a white eclipse on President circle


GA Hearing:20yr poll mgr Day2 on recount: table in front got 3000, table behind 6000.Her box,a suitcase w/ heavy cardboard, has only 1 batch of 60 machine-printed ballots, all from 1 senior home. Votes were fairly evenly distributed. For Absentee, 98%for Biden. 10am,she was done. 


GAhearing:A DominionTech &precinct mgr: In warehouse, they printed test ballots.They're REAL ballots. Should print 1 Trump,1 Biden&destroy after. Others printed Biden&ask why she destroy.400 scanners.All need testing.All 24 employees had covid.Suitcase full of ballots left behind 


GAhearing:Nurse on recount:cardboard boxes,not canvas bags.Old lady verified 90% of the signaturesALONE.After voters scan the ballots,drop into a locked container. At night worker unlocked, put in RedCANVAS bag + Ch-of-custody form signed by 2 +Plastic #tag.If tag breaks,tempered 


GAHearing: 3x poll worker was turned away on 11/3. Observed recount.Kept 6ft away.Can't see. 1 worker called out #, another recorded. He Est.1500 for Biden. He heard total 13 for Trump.10,000 for Biden. Called mgr. No result. Called election Director. Final# =1018 for Biden


Sunday, July 7, 2019

I urged SF Board of Supervisor to Roll Back on Plastic Bag Ban

SF Board of Supervisors is about to vote on Monday to raise bag fee from 10c to 25c. I wrote the letter below urging NO, plus roll back on the back ban to apply to necessities shopping only

Dear Board of Supervisors,

I write to urge you to vote NO on raising bag fee from 10c to 25c. I also write to urge you to roll back on bag ban. 

Bag fee should apply to necessities shopping such as groceries or household items, not discretionary shopping such as clothing. Bagging customer's purchases is a basic customer service. Taking customer service away, why should shoppers shop? Consumers walking around with the shopping bags provide free advertising for the retailers, instead of spending millions on to lure customers in.

Retailers face intense competition from online retailers like Amazon. So many shops have closed all over the city. Hundreds of jobs have been lost. Empty store fronts invite bad elements to the neighborhoods. Not to mention that losing business also means losing tax base for the city. 70% of our economy is based on good old consumer spending.

Plastic bag ban is a fads. Plastic debris in the ocean came from Hard plastic, Not plastic bags. 

I have a collection of videos on how was plastic bags are made and recycled, vs. paper here:

Many residents in SF are 2-people household. We use small plastic bags to line our trash bins in kitchen, bathroom bedroom. Since now I can't get them anymore, I have bought my 4th box of 1000 plastic bags from Amazon for $25. I have seen some seniors used small plastic produce bags to line half of their trash bins. Dog owners have to buy poop bags from pet stores. Pathetic. 

I used paper bag to hold other recyclable. So I have to pay 25c to "buy" a bag so that I can recycle? Isn't recycling a business that provide jobs, too? Why is the city killing everything it touches?


So is global warming being tied to natural disaster. If you watch PragerU on youtube, you will see many climate experts who have dedicated 2-3 decades of their lives studying the issue have different opinion that what was drummed up by Al Gore and the like for political / ideological gain. The planet is 2/3 water. Climate was changing, ice caps were melting even before the invention of car. Planting trees is the easiest approach. Not tossing trillions into some fanciful talks for minuscule gain in reduction in temperature. That is -- irresponsible. 

Terry C

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Hypocrisy of the Liberals

Just came across an article in TIME; the Hypocrisy of the Liberals. It states that liberals claim to be open-minded, yet they are not shy of using intimidation, bullying to silent the opposing views. (Actually, they have quite perfected the acts.)

On Amazon, I found these books:
1. The Intimidation Game: How the Left is Silencing Free Speech by

2. The Silencing: how the left is killing Free Speech by Kirsten Powers

3. Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate by Juan Williams

4. Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth against Obstruction, Intimidation... by Sharyl Attkisson

Well, since you are reading my blog, I supposed you are as annoyed as me with these stupid plastic bag ban and bag fee all over California. And you were constantly being harassed with this "Do you want a bag?" question wherever you shop.

In San Francisco, around noontime, you see all these office workers carrying their lunches in these ecofriendly containers, plus utensil, plus napkins in their hands walking back to their offices. San Francisco! The city that KNOWS HOWS. The city that LEADS. We "REALLY" know hows.

How long has the bag fee been? Since 2012? It has been that long?

Recently I went to a retailers mixer and got to see a whole bunch of stats. One of the stats showed that vacancy is going up. The news confirm the facts; people are shopping less in stores. and more online.
And the past few days, just walking around Union Square, I saw SOOOO MANY retail shops are closing. Some of them are pretty big. Surprise? Who is?

Well. All these "do you want a bag? It is 10c." only turn off customers. Only city bureaucrats do not see that. Well. The supervisors get their $100,000+ salary a year plus benefits. What do they care?
The green consultants get their consulting fee writing the same laws for cities all over the state. Their pocket swelled. And they gained -- FAME. They are -- HAPPY.
The environmentalists got their IDEAS adopted. They have their feel-good "I save the world and the ocean." And their paychecks. What do they care?

While I wrote to cities all over the states urging them to not follow suit, two council members from other cities wrote me "I have separate bags for shopping for clothing. It does not bother me."
Well. They can do ALL the shopping on OUR behalf now.
They should be glad that it is not their shops. Else, probably they should sit outside of their shops and sell bags for 10c and make BAG their purpose in life.

If you dare to voice displeasure, or if you dare to complain online or support another dissenters, beware of the out lash from the lefts, the environmentalists, the high-minded, the better people. Bullying, intimidation, harassment will be hurled to you in no time. They will force you back to your rabbit holes into hiding in no time. That IS Their Game which they have perfected, in politic, and in -- UNIVERSITIES! AMAZING!

I got harassed not only by the social media users, but by the MEDIA STAFF in addition!
Oh! These millennials; these young, and bright ones who were being brought up under "you are SPECIAL" who created this new world called Social Media and are making a LOT of money. How could they be wrong?

I can't wait for the social media and Internet companies to crash. So that they will come to a basic realization that they are one of the 7+ billion people on earth. Each of us are doing our part as a good citizen and to make the world a better place as a whole.

By the way, you probably want to watch these 2 videos on YouTube to know what is happening, and how these young workers should feel good working there, for whatever pay they are getting.
I have gotten advertising calls from.  When I asked the young salesman to tell me the available options, he said "Well! You are NOT ready to grow anyway."
He was so -- SELF-ASSURED.

The 2 videos on YouTube are:
1. The Billion Dollar Bully: How Yelp Filter Users' Reviews.
This video is very WELL DONE and very enjoyable. And it is all TRUE. MANY business owners experienced it. And thanks goodness, we say NO to bullying.

2. Why does Yelp Hide Review? by Washington Post. 
How much DAMAGE it does to legit businesses.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NO on Prop 67 and 65 Plastic Bag Ban and Fee on Nov 8, 2016 Election

It was a long awaited chance for Californians to say LOUD and CLEAR:  NO! On plastic bag ban and bag fee!

Vote NO on Prop 67 to REPEAL Statewide Plastic Bag Ban and Bag Fee.

Vote NO on Prop 65 on DIVERTING bag fee to Environmental Non-profits who were GUILTY in pushing this stupid laws to begin with. All the trouble the shops have to go through, now they stand to PROFIT from the money? We HATE the ban and fee! We HATE the Eco-Consultants who shameless spread pseudoscience. They are the most CORRUPTED beings who SHAMELESSLY re-wrote the same "laws" all over the cities in California for very "modest" fees. They even try to do that in New York! I hope New Yorkers have better brains than the mushy heads here.

The ban turned me from a shopper to non-shopper.
I still hate being asked "Do you want a bag?" They were HARRASSMENT I endured in every shops, by every sales clerks.

Over the past years, I have seen many retail shops closed -- several of them in my neighborhood. I blamed it to the bag ban and fee. Take away customer service, get ready to close shop! As simple as that. Only blind man does not see that.

The rainy season has started. I saw wet paper bags disintegrating.
Who is responsible for the trouble?
Are the shops doing a service to the consumers?
Are the customers "happy"?
Have the Eco-consultants spent away the "modest" compensation yet? Are they happy now? What is the next thing they have their eyes on?
What about our Supervisors or City Council Members? Do they not see how the people cope? Or they congratulate themselves for "doing something good for the environment"? And WHAT ARE THEY?

If the green people so care about saving the environment, probably they should catch an UFO and leave this earth alone. So that the earth does not have to provide resources and take care of their WASTE every SINGLE DAY. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dallas City Council Repealled Plastic Bag Fee

I have been discouraged for sometimes.

Now I was encouraged again, knowing that Huntington Beach Repealed the stupid law with a 6-1 votes, AND a couple of its City CouncilMembers got thrown out, and Dallas City which adopted 5c a bag fee in Jan'15 repealed it in June the same year.

Come November, we have a CHANCE to throw away this silly California Statewide Plastic Bag Law out. Folks, spread the news! We need to beat down this Eco-feel-good thing.
If the Eco-folks so inclined, bring their own bags. Don't force it down our throat and claim to be better people. This is NOT democratic!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Huntington Beach (CA) Councilmember Will Sponsor Repeal Plastic Bag Ban on 4/21/14

We are so very encouraged that next week, on 4/21/14 Huntington Beach Councilmember Dave Sullivan is going to propose repeal of plastic bags and 10c per paper bag fee. The ban and fees were imposed on big retailers, groceries, supermarkets, drug stores and farmer market. They took effect on 11/1/2013. And Mayor Matt Harper has been a staunch opponent to the bag ban.

We were disappointed to see some 80+ cities and counties in CA adopted the ban and fee without good verifiable facts. They were just following the Pied Piper match. It took citizens' effort to gather signatures to put repeal initiatives on ballots. We were encouraged by some successes:

In Durango, CO, Kirsten Smith of No Durango Bag Tax successfully repealed the bag tax with 56% to 44% votes in November'13.

In Homer, Alaska, in October'13 Voters voted down the bag ban passed in 2012 with approximate 54% to 44% votes.

In Issaquah, WA, Craig Keller of Save Our Choice after a long fight managed to put the repeal bag ban initiative on 2/2014 ballots. We were sad and disheartened that the repeal effort failed with 52% vs 48% votes (3595 "Yes" (to repeal) to 3945 "No"). Yet we were consoled that the margin was that close; almost 50/50, with only 39% voters turn-out.

We were comforted again that there were folks in Huntington Beach (CA), Walnut Creek (CA) and other parts of WA State who started gathering signatures to put repeal bag bans on ballots.
(In April 2015, Huntingon Beach voted 6-1 in repealing bag ban. And 2 councilmembers who voted for the ban got thrown out.)

The ban and bag fees are totally feel-good eco-fads. They do not help our environment. Instead they hurt our environment by aggravating global warming. And they hurt businesses and consumers. They only benefit the green consultants who are busy selling their "green" expertise and collecting their sweet "green" consulting fees. And they benefits the "environmental" non-profits and ensuring them funds that keep them busy and hiring. Go to my 8/2013 blog: To Read and To Watch for more articles and videos on why plastic bag ban hurts the environment. 

The bag bans and fees has turned off so many people; almost half of the general public. So, besides the necessities shopping for food and household items, many of us stop shopping. In my neighborhood, I counted 3 stores closed; Trutti Frutti, Pearl Gallery, La Paz. In downtown S.F, recently I counted these closed; Dress Barn, Loehman, Loft (Ann Taylor Loft), H&M Men, H2O. And in S.F Mall, White House|Black Market is closing; moving out of S.F. to Palo Alto.

Other adverse effects I have seem are:

- it turned off many good citizens who for the longest time voluntarily cooperated in recycling. These days, I found lots of paper, bottles, cans, cartons in black bins. Instead of leaving them in the blue bins outside, my neighbors opened the door to the stuffy garbage room and dump them in the trash bins.

- I used to donate small amounts to environmental non-profits. I am so turned off now that I no longer support them. I support conservative organizations which respect our liberty and are business-friendly.

- I was so annoyed with our Councilmembers / Supervisors for denying us a chance to vote. They sealed our fate with the votes of a handful of them. I can no longer respect them.

- more stores reported theft, for the owners can no longer tell if they were paid or not.

- meat juice breed bacteria. Single-use plastic bags are perfect medium to hold / contain meat product. People do not wash their bags, a cause for health hazard. 

We need more conservatives who are business-minded, who have good common-sense to run our governments. Say NO to Eco-Fads! It is time for us to turn California brown!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Is The Year For Action

2014 Is The Year For Action.

For the past 5 years, Senator Alex Padilla (D-LA) who sponsored SB 405 has pushed to ban plastic bags statewide. It was lasted voted in May'13 with 18-to-17 votes, 3 votes short of 21 votes to pass. In December'13, Senator Padilla vowed to bring back the bill as soon as the Senate is in session again. With the bag banners pushing hard on the last few democrats who are still holding out, after 5 years of fighting, it seem like it might pass.

But, not all hope is lost.
Even if it passed, the people can still do a repeal intiative to repeal it.
Though S.F. Bay Area is very liberal, there are plenty not so liberal cities that will give us enough votes. So, not all hope is lost. With the ban bans hitting home so close and hurting many businesses and consumers, it has created a perfect storm which might turn this blue state purple.

But we need to send enough signals to Sacramento that people are against the ban.

We see oppositions sponsored by citizens in many cities in various states, one was sponsored by a City Council Member, which are all very encouraging.

In Issaquah, WA, Craig Keller of Save Our Choice; successfully gathered enough signatures to put repeal ballots on 2/11/14 election. We are excited and can't wait for result.

In Durango, CO, Kirsten Smith of No Durango Bag Tax successfully repealed the bag tax with 56% to 44% votes in November'13.

In Homer, Alaska, in October'13 Voters voted down the bag ban passed in 2012 with approximate 54% to 44% votes.

In Walnut Creek, CA, in November'13, Councilman Justin Wedel sponsored Speak Up For Walnut Creek (SU4WC), to preempt plastic bag ban. It also wants to repeal smoking ban in multi-units residential buildings, for the ban violates people's liberty to choose.

In December'13, in Huntington Beach, SoCal, Frank LoGrosso has a very ambitious plan to gather 13,000+ signatures to repeal bag ban which took effect on 11/1/13. With his well connected Republican members, and volunteers deployed in 4 separate districts, we pray that sufficient signatures will be gathered by March'14. Please spread the words and volunteer.

And in January'14, two more parties in Encino and Sherman Oaks, L.A. have stepped up and expressed interest in driving repeal efforts. We welcome their enthusiasm. All of us here would love to share our knowledge / resources, and lend moral support.

Though in December'13, the repeal initiative in Campbell, CA fell short of the 2300 signatures required; 1200+ were gathered, we have learned much from the experience. With the bag ban taking effect on D-Day 1/27/14, we hope the public uproar will give us the needed energy to relaunch the repeal initiative. Please volunteer and donate.

Although writing to City Councils, County Supervisors and State Lawmakers make sense, with most of them yield to eco-fads and the "EIR"; the whipped up Environmental Impact Review which is most flaw,  and bag ban supporters who are relentless in their need to "modify public behavior", our writing fell into deaf ears. Our writing has no teeth.

To be effective, as recommended by Councilman Michael Winkler of Arcata:

If citizens disagree with any laws passed by the City Council they have a number of options:
-Contact us and express their opinion and get us to change our legislation
-Put a measure on the ballot and get it passed reversing our decision
-Elect someone else to office who will reverse our decision
-Remove us in a recall election
-Successfully file a lawsuit that our legislation is either a violation of state or federal law or a violation of the state or federal constitution

We think the second option of repeal ballot and the third option of removing them from offices are the most viable.

Since Craig Keller has done 4 repeal efforts in WA, these pointers are from his hard earned experience. His step-by-step primer:
Title:  "Just DO it!"
Subtitle:  "How to overturn a fascist bag ban"

The Petition
Referendum or Initative?

1.  Ballotpedia link

And cut and paste Ballotpedia's most relevant passages from their page.  Particularly the text from within the webpage expansion of "Ordinance Initiative Process"

2.  Signature Collection tactics (my rank by importance)
a.  precinct work (including the very key door drops with envelope + petition)
b.  storefront work (probably the best recruitment activity and media attractant)
c.  mailings (including placement of petitions in newspapers as insert "advertisement" - I've done this in every campaign.)
d  professional collectors.

3.  Administrative
a.  self validation against voter data base (secretary)
b.  campaign finance reporting (treasurer)
c.  PO Box

4.  Recruitment
1.  Petitioning is the most effective
2.  Website
3.  Press releases to media

And here are our contact:, Seattle, WA:
Craig Keller

Stop the Bag Ban, San Jose, CA
Don Williams & Joseph Sze

Fight The Plastic Bag Ban, Ventura, CA
Anthony Van Leeuwen

No Durango Bag Tax, Durango, CO
Kristen Smith

Speak Up For Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, CA
Councilman Justin Wedel

Me. Terry Chong