Monday, December 7, 2020

Georgians -- Tweets to Your State Senators and Representatives



Today (12/7/20) President Trump issued an urgent Call-to-Action urging ALL Georgians to Call their State Senator & Representative to sign the Petition calling for a Special Session (to appoint Electoral College, I think.)

Please find your State Senators and Representatives from the link below, and tweet to them the short messages below. We need to create a Ground Swell that they can no longer ignore Our Voices. You can attach related photos from the very bottom. Thanks!


GA hearing: at 8pm, after All workers were told to go home, 4 people stayed behind. They pulled out suit cases full of ballots and scanned for 2 hours on 3 scanners,  totaled 18,000 votes. (Biden "won" by 12,000 votes.)


MI hearing: sec.of.state employee said "71% votes CANNOT be recounted. Only #FullForensicAudit & #OpenTheBox (see ballots&envelops inside) will do. the "boxes" r kept by AccountingBoard. EpochTimes posted GA ballots4recounts came from S.o.S WAREHOUSE in mailing boxes by UPS driver 

Xx Min 0 -6 r related to GA. Part 1: 4 workers scanned suitcase full of ballots after all were gone. Min 4: UPS driver picked up boxes of ballots 4 recount fm Sec.of.State warehouse.


2016 Mail-in ballots were <200,000. Rejection rate was 6.4%.2020 mail-in ballots were 1.3 millions. Rejection was 0.2%. Close to 0. Should be 3-4%, i.e 40,000 tossed out.Dems poll workers did Counting. NOT Verifying. GOP watchers weren't let in.(Biden "won" by 12,000 votes.) 


GA Hearing:20yr poll mgr got 2 box4 recount. No tape w/ signature. Each batch have 100. 1 batch has 110 w/ 2 for Trump,1 for Jorgensen, 107 for Biden.6 batches=600 ballots,98% of Absentees ballots're 4 Biden. They look the SAME;pristine,no fold+a white eclipse on President circle


GA Hearing:20yr poll mgr Day2 on recount: table in front got 3000, table behind 6000.Her box,a suitcase w/ heavy cardboard, has only 1 batch of 60 machine-printed ballots, all from 1 senior home. Votes were fairly evenly distributed. For Absentee, 98%for Biden. 10am,she was done. 


GAhearing:A DominionTech &precinct mgr: In warehouse, they printed test ballots.They're REAL ballots. Should print 1 Trump,1 Biden&destroy after. Others printed Biden&ask why she destroy.400 scanners.All need testing.All 24 employees had covid.Suitcase full of ballots left behind 


GAhearing:Nurse on recount:cardboard boxes,not canvas bags.Old lady verified 90% of the signaturesALONE.After voters scan the ballots,drop into a locked container. At night worker unlocked, put in RedCANVAS bag + Ch-of-custody form signed by 2 +Plastic #tag.If tag breaks,tempered 


GAHearing: 3x poll worker was turned away on 11/3. Observed recount.Kept 6ft away.Can't see. 1 worker called out #, another recorded. He Est.1500 for Biden. He heard total 13 for Trump.10,000 for Biden. Called mgr. No result. Called election Director. Final# =1018 for Biden