Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Hypocrisy of the Liberals

Just came across an article in TIME; the Hypocrisy of the Liberals. It states that liberals claim to be open-minded, yet they are not shy of using intimidation, bullying to silent the opposing views. (Actually, they have quite perfected the acts.)

On Amazon, I found these books:
1. The Intimidation Game: How the Left is Silencing Free Speech by

2. The Silencing: how the left is killing Free Speech by Kirsten Powers

3. Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate by Juan Williams

4. Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth against Obstruction, Intimidation... by Sharyl Attkisson

Well, since you are reading my blog, I supposed you are as annoyed as me with these stupid plastic bag ban and bag fee all over California. And you were constantly being harassed with this "Do you want a bag?" question wherever you shop.

In San Francisco, around noontime, you see all these office workers carrying their lunches in these ecofriendly containers, plus utensil, plus napkins in their hands walking back to their offices. San Francisco! The city that KNOWS HOWS. The city that LEADS. We "REALLY" know hows.

How long has the bag fee been? Since 2012? It has been that long?

Recently I went to a retailers mixer and got to see a whole bunch of stats. One of the stats showed that vacancy is going up. The news confirm the facts; people are shopping less in stores. and more online.
And the past few days, just walking around Union Square, I saw SOOOO MANY retail shops are closing. Some of them are pretty big. Surprise? Who is?

Well. All these "do you want a bag? It is 10c." only turn off customers. Only city bureaucrats do not see that. Well. The supervisors get their $100,000+ salary a year plus benefits. What do they care?
The green consultants get their consulting fee writing the same laws for cities all over the state. Their pocket swelled. And they gained -- FAME. They are -- HAPPY.
The environmentalists got their IDEAS adopted. They have their feel-good "I save the world and the ocean." And their paychecks. What do they care?

While I wrote to cities all over the states urging them to not follow suit, two council members from other cities wrote me "I have separate bags for shopping for clothing. It does not bother me."
Well. They can do ALL the shopping on OUR behalf now.
They should be glad that it is not their shops. Else, probably they should sit outside of their shops and sell bags for 10c and make BAG their purpose in life.

If you dare to voice displeasure, or if you dare to complain online or support another dissenters, beware of the out lash from the lefts, the environmentalists, the high-minded, the better people. Bullying, intimidation, harassment will be hurled to you in no time. They will force you back to your rabbit holes into hiding in no time. That IS Their Game which they have perfected, in politic, and in -- UNIVERSITIES! AMAZING!

I got harassed not only by the social media users, but by the MEDIA STAFF in addition!
Oh! These millennials; these young, and bright ones who were being brought up under "you are SPECIAL" who created this new world called Social Media and are making a LOT of money. How could they be wrong?

I can't wait for the social media and Internet companies to crash. So that they will come to a basic realization that they are one of the 7+ billion people on earth. Each of us are doing our part as a good citizen and to make the world a better place as a whole.

By the way, you probably want to watch these 2 videos on YouTube to know what is happening, and how these young workers should feel good working there, for whatever pay they are getting.
I have gotten advertising calls from.  When I asked the young salesman to tell me the available options, he said "Well! You are NOT ready to grow anyway."
He was so -- SELF-ASSURED.

The 2 videos on YouTube are:
1. The Billion Dollar Bully: How Yelp Filter Users' Reviews.
This video is very WELL DONE and very enjoyable. And it is all TRUE. MANY business owners experienced it. And thanks goodness, we say NO to bullying.

2. Why does Yelp Hide Review? by Washington Post. 
How much DAMAGE it does to legit businesses.

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RepealBagFee said...

In my older post in Jan 2013, I listed all the contact information for your city, state, federal lawmakers, as below:

Though you might not love them, If you don't communicate your view, your lawmakers are listening ONLY to the other side. So, I will HIGHLY recommend you TALK to them NOW, especially during this transition.
PEACE and ORDER are what we NEED.
NOT disintegration into chaos or -- civil war.