Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NO on Prop 67 and 65 Plastic Bag Ban and Fee on Nov 8, 2016 Election

It was a long awaited chance for Californians to say LOUD and CLEAR:  NO! On plastic bag ban and bag fee!

Vote NO on Prop 67 to REPEAL Statewide Plastic Bag Ban and Bag Fee.

Vote NO on Prop 65 on DIVERTING bag fee to Environmental Non-profits who were GUILTY in pushing this stupid laws to begin with. All the trouble the shops have to go through, now they stand to PROFIT from the money? We HATE the ban and fee! We HATE the Eco-Consultants who shameless spread pseudoscience. They are the most CORRUPTED beings who SHAMELESSLY re-wrote the same "laws" all over the cities in California for very "modest" fees. They even try to do that in New York! I hope New Yorkers have better brains than the mushy heads here.

The ban turned me from a shopper to non-shopper.
I still hate being asked "Do you want a bag?" They were HARRASSMENT I endured in every shops, by every sales clerks.

Over the past years, I have seen many retail shops closed -- several of them in my neighborhood. I blamed it to the bag ban and fee. Take away customer service, get ready to close shop! As simple as that. Only blind man does not see that.

The rainy season has started. I saw wet paper bags disintegrating.
Who is responsible for the trouble?
Are the shops doing a service to the consumers?
Are the customers "happy"?
Have the Eco-consultants spent away the "modest" compensation yet? Are they happy now? What is the next thing they have their eyes on?
What about our Supervisors or City Council Members? Do they not see how the people cope? Or they congratulate themselves for "doing something good for the environment"? And WHAT ARE THEY?

If the green people so care about saving the environment, probably they should catch an UFO and leave this earth alone. So that the earth does not have to provide resources and take care of their WASTE every SINGLE DAY. 

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RepealBagFee said...


Punish the LITTERERS, Not Everybody!
Ticket? Caning? Singapore is real CLEAN. Isn't it?

Bagging customers' purchase is customer service. Take customer-service away, get ready to close shop! -- That was what happened to many retailers.